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Executive Team.

Meet the Team

Kerry Rucker


Kerry directs all Work Orders Unlimited activities. Kerry brings more than 25 years of technology consulting and management experience, leading teams in delivering global enterprise and e-commerce solutions. He was instrumental in bringing the ADAGE ERP system to the US. He has worked in various capacities in several high tech companies and has also served as an executive at Snap-on Inc.

Ian Taylor


Ian is our chief technologist. He focuses on all aspects of the technical and functional development of Work Order Unlimited. He is an Associative Professor in Distributed and Scientific Computing at the School of Computer Science, Cardiff, Wales and runs projects in the Web, workflow and data distribution areas, with applications in audio, astrophysics and healthcare. In the USA, he consults for the Communications Division of the Naval Research Lab, Washington DC, solving various problems in the area of discovery and communication within mobile ad-hoc wireless networks.. He lives with his wife and young son in Amelia Island, Fl. He is enthusiastic about all aspects of technology and is member of management oversight committee for DPAC project providing data analysis for the recently launched ESA GAIA mission to create the most precise 3D one billion star chart of our Galaxy.

Roshan Massey

VP Business Development

Roshan’s focus is business development & marketing. He continuously looks to customers for guidance on how best to enhance Work Orders Unlimited offerings. Roshan brings more than 17 years of technology consulting and management experience leading teams delivering global enterprise and e-Commerce applications. Prior to joining Work Orders Unlimited, he co-founded the Australian software firm that wrote the leading ERP system, ADAGE.

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For the past 3 years we have offered our product as 2.0. Now we our giving our new product a name of it's own... Work Orders Unlimited!