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mfg:LITE is the Premier Cloud Manufacturing Solution for Small to Medium size Companies

Manufacturers need agility — to change processes, integrate acquisitions, meet customer requirements, introduce new products and comply with regulations. mfg:LITE adapts to any style of manufacturing and to the needs of all your geographic locations.


Inventory – Primary Design

  • Defines the inventory environment
    • Warehouses, Warehouse Types
    • Locations and bins
    • Dock-to-stock areas
    • Set up receiving and inspection locations
  • Controls movement of materials
    • Material issues
    • Material transfers
    • Material receipts

Maintains Item Data

  • Assigns and provides visibility of
    • Lot number or Serial number
    • Maintains Cost Methods include Actual, Average and Standard Cost
    • Maintains item transaction histories

Maintains Material Status

  • Controls and updates the status of material based on
    • Issues and Receipts
    • Ability to do inspections

Provides Manual Supply and Demand Records

  • Currently Planning done manually
  • Work Orders: Manually tracked against Customers Orders / Customer Releasing

Inventory Balances

  • Inventory maintains perpetual inventory balances for all items
    • On hand quantity
    • Allocated quantity
    • Manufacturing supply
    • Purchasing supply
    • Inventory adjustments
    • Physical inventory adjustments
    • Transfer in and transfer out
    • Independent issues
    • Manufacturing receipts, purchasing and Miscellaneous receipts

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Build Quality and Compliance into Your Process

Meet even the most rigorous compliance requirements with integrated quality and traceability across the value chain, including test results and product attributes, accessible instantly using the Lot Trace Workbench. Read the case study on how Reyrich Plastics is enhancing their quality control.

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    For the past 3 years we have offered our product as 2.0. Now we our giving our new product a name of it's own... Work Orders Unlimited!